• 3.13.2012

    Erin Kunkel On How Photography Nourishes The Senses

    My parents encouraged my siblings and me to follow our passions. I was especially drawn to art, travel and learning about food and where it comes from. In art school, I focused on painting and printmaking—unfortunately I didn’t take a single photography class, but in the end, my painting background has strongly influenced the photographs I make. Along with a BFA and MFA, I earned a BS in ecology. It wasn’t until my husband and I worked on organic farms in Europe for two years... read more

  • 3.1.2012

    Hot Off The Press: Still Images in Great Advertising talks to Geof Kern

    A Photo Editor's columnist Suzanne Sease interviews Geof Kern about the new Ritz Carlton campaign he had the pleasure to photograph. ... read more

  • 2.10.2012

    Uncovering Art in the Ordinary

    Dumpsters. Paper shredders. Huge mirrors. Not your typical artistic inspirations. But Charles Shotwell is not your typical fine art and commercial photographer. In the process of exploring an idea, I typically bump into something great. My philosophy is built on what things look like when they’re photographed. I let the camera do what it does best. Sometimes I don’t have a clue what I’m going to get until I look at the photo. My camera is a vehicle of... read more

  • 1.10.2012

    Talking with Tim

    I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Give me paper and a pencil and I’d entertain myself for hours. My mom and both grandmas were artists, and nurtured my natural abilities. One gave me a book of paintings, and at 5, I copied a work by Matisse. A couple years later, I started mimicking super-detailed wildlife drawings. That was the beginning of my art education, and life-long passion for sketching. My family moved from Florida to Jackson Hole when I was 13. I loved... read more

  • 11.21.2011

    Work That Takes You Places

    Wendy McNaughton is an artist who’s all over the map—literally. With a curiosity that’s taken her from New York to Amsterdam to Rwanda, an educational journey that’s taken her from Art Center to Columbia University’s School of International Social Welfare, and a work life that’s included stints in advertising, social work and East African... read more

  • 9.23.2011

    Do You LOL? Ted Sabarese Would Like to Respond

    Ted Sabarese examines what it really is to be :'-( or :-)) or even yet :-Q with his latest project Emoticons. Visit his website to see more and read about his intentions. www.tedsabarese.com ... read more

  • 8.22.2011

    Geof Kern on Work/Live and Feeding the Families

      The building that I call my studio was originally built in the 1950's as part of a development of warehouses and light manufacturing strategically placed near the railroad lines, the Trinity River, and a stone's throw from downtown Dallas. Located in a cul-de-sac alongside the original river, now merely a trickle after they built the great levees, my building is part of several square miles of rows of simple, hardworking buildings that have seen history turn them from vital... read more

  • 7.6.2011

    Photographer Chuck Shotwell: Keep it Real to Impress Clients

      "I live on a property that houses both my family's house and a coach house out back where my photography work studio is," explains Chuck, when I ask about where he works. He goes on to say this situation is ideal, especially when you have a family like he does because, " when your studio is within a 20 step commute out back, I can read bedtime stories or have dinner with the family, then go back out and finish up something that's been bugging me. I don't have to drive all over... read more

  • 6.15.2011

    Ted Sabarese on the Cover of Lurzer's Archive Mag

    Ted Sabarese worked with Art Director Michael Gallman at Futurecom in Zurich Switzerland to create a campaign for Phonak Hearing Aids. We are so excited here at F+J to find out one of the ads was selected as the cover of Lurzer's Archive vol 3/11. In addition, the rest of the campaign was published inside on pages 80-81. You can read more about it on Ted's... read more

  • 5.10.2011

    Artist Jill Calder: How Technology Works in a Small Town Studio

      Who needs the big city? Not Jill Calder, who lives and works in a seaside house in a fishing village in rural Scotland, about an hour and half drive from the capital city of Edinburgh. "I used to be a city girl, but I know this area very well because my father was born here and this place has always had a place in my heart," she tells me the history when I ask about how she landed in this tiny village so far away from the big city. "When I left art college in 1992, it was... read more


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