• 1.23.2014

    Patrick Fraser Shoots the Young Talents of Wardell for Brazilian Magazine

    Patrick Fraser had the opportunity to create a fun shoot centered on the indie rock band Wardell for the Brazilian magazine Revista Serafina. Fraser wanted to properly capture the edgy, cool vibe of the musical brother/sister duo—Sasha and Theo are the children of esteemed director Stephen Spielberg—so he took... read more

  • 10.3.2012

    Jimmer's Book Cover By Robert Schlatter

    Earlier this summer Robert Schlatter photographed the Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette for the cover of his book 'The Contract'. They also used the images to create a poster, which is included in the book. The book talks about the contract Fredette made with his brother TJ that made Fredette commited to do everything possible to make it to the NBA. More on the story ... read more

  • 3.16.2012

    Patrick Fraser for The Guardian

      A little while back Patrick Fraser photographed William H Macy for The Guardian. Patrick had a great time with Mr. Macy, who was incredibly easy to photograph. "Mr. Macy is one of the great American actors, he makes it easy, it was like he was in character. So many expressions!" And we agree, see for yourself.   ... read more

  • 1.4.2012

    The Sea is Calling Ted Via the Shellphone

    It must feel very good to start the New Year with a fun ad campaign that asks for us to take a break and go visit the sea... So it is our hope that Ted Sabarese along with JWT Creative Directors Carlos Fernandez and Ricky Glickman had as much fun creating the campaign for Royal Caribbean ... Hello! Hang up and go visit the sea... But before that take a look at this funny video... ... read more

  • 12.14.2011

    Street Art in Miami by Patrick Fraser

    Patrick Fraser found himself in Miami for 5 days checking out the art fairs at Art Basel. Then he made friends with a fabulous group of street artists. Read his Journal here. We've included a few or our favorite images for your enjoyment.                ... read more

  • 9.28.2011

    Life is Sweeter with Gavin

      Photographer Patrick Fraser photographed Gavin DeGraw for his newest album Sweeter. It's nice to see we can still enjoy a nicely designed album package. Out in stores now.       ... read more

  • 9.23.2011

    Do You LOL? Ted Sabarese Would Like to Respond

    Ted Sabarese examines what it really is to be :'-( or :-)) or even yet :-Q with his latest project Emoticons. Visit his website to see more and read about his intentions. www.tedsabarese.com ... read more

  • 5.3.2011

    Ewan Burns Makes Relationships Work for GE Capital Bank

    Client: GE Capital Bank Advertising Agency: BBDO Photographer: Ewan Burns Photography Agency: Friend + Johnson   Concept: to capture real moments between CEO’s and their GE Capital representatives that showed the genuine intimacy and warmth of their relationships. Conceived by Don Schneider at BBDO and art directed by Rick Rabe, the team traveled the nation and across the Atlantic to Paris and Lyon, meeting dynamic and successful executives and being... read more

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