• 6.24.2014

    Photographer Wynn Myers Joins The F+J Team

    Wynn Myers turned her high-school passion for photography into a profession after studying at the Maine Media Institute and later receiving her BA from St. Edwards University. Her colorful, composed images each have a story waiting to spill out, and their authenticity reflects the artist’s own approachability. Myers joins our roster of artists from Austin, TX, traveling frequently to NYC and to wherever her assignments take her. When we recently sat down... read more

  • 6.13.2014

    "Smellcome to Manhood" - Tim Tomkinson Takes Us There

    One spray lasts all day; Smellcome to Manhood--advertising copy like that needs imagery with swagger to match. Enter Tim Tomkinson, the illustrator behind Old Spice's new campaign, which launched in Spring 2014. The F+J artist worked with Wieden+Kennedy, based in Portland, to create the ornate family-crest style illustration, and he also redrew the brand's five Re-Fresh Body Sprays to match. Tomkinson's work for Old Spice has since been used globally in multiple print... read more

  • 6.9.2014

    Tim Tomkinson Pitches Bisque

    In the competitive world of advertising, brilliant work often goes unseen. This clever illustration by Tim Tomkinson suggests that Campbell's lobster bisque could be greater than the sum of its parts, but it needn't be--those parts look delicious. Tomkinson's realistic details, from the lobster's spiny claws and the striations on the clams' shells to the elegant hand-lettering, summon a nostalgia for the ubiquitous twentieth-century... read more

  • 6.3.2014

    New Photo-Illustration Work by Sean-Mosher Smith

    Congratulations to photo-illustrator Sean Mosher-Smith, whose images for the band Stone Sour (Roadrunner Records), of Des Moines, Iowa, were chosen for Lürzer's Archive Magazine's most recent 200 Best Series. Scroll through for a few additional newer works of his in the music realm, including album covers for... read more

  • 4.9.2014

    Lucas Zarebinski for Target's Healthy New Look

    Target has turned its eye towards healthier, more creative food choices for one of its newest mailings--think grilled cheeses with a variety of accoutrement and juices bearing yogic-sounding names. Food photographer Lucas Zarebinksi's knack for color and his playful sense of geometry made him a perfect candidate for the job, and the finished ads are clean, concise, and vibrant-fresh.... read more

  • 3.25.2014

    Communication Arts Interviews Erin Kunkel

    Communication Arts published the following interview with photographer Erin Kunkel on their Insights page. Read on to get to know Erin and to learn about her approach to her work. Western Light CA: You spent time working with farming and sustainability. How does that inform your work? EK: Perhaps in making connections... read more

  • 2.13.2014

    Stop the Water and Wait: Kristyna Archer’s Shoot for Grundfos

    Kristyna Archer got to collaborate with an impressive crew of creatives for a new Grundfos campaign that promotes the company’s On-Demand Hot Water technology. Archer partnered up with Senior Account Director Tania Wendt, Senior Creative Director Jamie Feldheim, Associate Creative Director Kristin Connolly, Senior Art... read more

  • 1.28.2014

    Friend and Johnson Welcomes Kristyna Archer

    We are thrilled to welcome Kristyna Archer to our roster of artists. Archer is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer with a knack for telling stories through her images. Her body of work is conceptual and compelling, highlighting setting as well as narrative. She spent the majority of her childhood in the suburbs of Detroit, with a camera around her neck, chronicling the many adventures of... read more

  • 1.15.2014

    Patrick Hruby Wins CommArts Typography Annual Award

    Patrick Hruby working under the art direction of Jim Root at Cramer-Krasselt created this award winning poster for The Penfield Children's Center. Congratulations to Patrick on the CA Award of Excellence in Typography... read more

  • 1.14.2014

    Jill Calder wins CommArts Typography Annual Award

    Congratulations to Jill Calder, who won not just one, but two CA Awards of Excellence. The first for her handlettering illustrations of "My Little Black Book of Seafood" by Mitch Tonks, working with Art Director Andy Archer from The Leith Agency. The second award for the work she created for Art Director Marti Golon for ... read more


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