• 8.22.2016


    Behind the Scenes to Jeff Luker's Sperry Odyssey Campaign: "This campaign was so fun to shoot, living on a boat for several weeks while shooting an advertising campaign was such an amazing adventure, and shooting alongside a broadcast team while at sea on a small sailboat was not without its challenges, but we had a great crew of people, so we had a blast. It was a great opportunity for me to shoot documentary style for a commercial project, which I love... read more

  • 7.18.2016


    "Underneath the night's blanketing presence we can be ourselves, indulge our love, and chase our passions. We toil through the day with a mask on, making ends meet, trying to be positive, and, often, suppressing our aggression and our creativity.  But the night is ours. “ Sean Mosher-Smith of Echo Designlab & ... read more

  • 6.13.2016

    Patrick Fraser & Naomi Greene

    Click HERE to see Naomi Greene perform "No Skin". #FJartist Patrick Fraser initially met Naomi through mutual friends. Then he went to one of her live concerts at a small venue in Los Angeles. On hearing her unique sound it struck him that a simple film of her playing this majestic instrument in a white space filmed in black and white would be powerful visually. Naomi has a captivating presence both on and off stage. She plays her harp with a lot of... read more

  • 5.20.2016


    Nothing tastes as sweet as fresh watermelon in the summer. For #inspirationfriday today, go out and grab a watermelon to share with friends and family! ��Photo by #fjartist Wynn Myers... read more

  • 5.16.2016

    When Photos & Motion Collide

    Cinemagraphs have been gracing the internet for a while now, but they never fail to make me feel like I am living at Hogwarts. You glance at an image, and for a split second, you question your sanity. "Did that photo just move?!?!" Yes, yes it did. #fjartist Patrick Fraser brings the still to life with his new series of clever cinemagraphs. ... read more

  • 5.11.2016

    A Nostalgic Trip for any Californian | IN-N-OUT

    Every city has a surplus of something: Starbucks, cottonfields, Dollar Generals, sports bars. You turn the corner, and what do you know, ANOTHER juice bar is now open. But with these chain companies comes a certain sense of nostalgia. Yeah, you might have expanded your diet to more than fried foods as you've grown older, but there is nothing like reliving a moment of childhood or a late night college indulgence every now and then.  In Orange County, you will find that it never runs dry... read more

  • 5.4.2016

    A Raisin in the Sun | Kristyna Archer

    What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?  Kristyna Archer recently had the opportunity to work with Ogilvy in Chicago on Steppenwolf’s 40th Anniversary project.  She also was granted every artist's dream, full freedom to visually interpret a poster representative of the play, A Raisin In The Sun.   She centered the idea around the Langston Hughes line that the... read more

  • 4.27.2016

    Kristyna Archer Photographs Jazz Icon Esperanza Spalding

      The Pitchfork Review is a quarterly printed music magazine, that includes long-form feature stories, photography, and illustrations. #fjartist Kristyna Archer was chosen to photograph Esperanza Spalding for their latest issue! Check it out!

    ... read more

  • 4.5.2016

    Jeff Luker Sails for Sperry Odysseys Await

    Shooting from water, land, and sailboat, Jeff Luker followed five ‘intrepid explorers’ on the ultimate adventure–navigating two of the world’s seven seas. Capturing the group’s authentic lifestyle, which strikes an easy balance between swimming, fishing, diving, and sailing, Luker’s images comprise Sperry... read more

  • 3.31.2016

    Geof Kern and Blue Hive Bring Daydreams to Life for Ford

    Agency Blue Hive of London relied on F+J photographer Geof Kern to turn the stuff of daydreams into cohesive imagery for their client, Ford. In the car company’s ‘Stop Dreaming’ campaign, which plastered billboards and was seen on major press outlets throughout Europe,... read more

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