• 10.13.2016

    Jeff Luker for Asics Extra Mile

    Jeff Luker collaborated with 180 LA to create striking authentic imagery for Asics and Girls on the Run Extra Mile challenge. Click here to find out more and sign up.
    ... read more

  • 9.26.2016


      Autumn inspiration from #fjartist Wynn Myers. #inspireme #inspirationfriday  ... read more

  • 9.26.2016


    Patrick Fraser Goes Behind the Scenes With Ballerina Isabella Boylston at the Vail International Dance Festival:

    "Performing in an open-air theater has its advantages and disadvantages. The atmosphere is really magical with trees and mountains in the background, but at the same time you can't control the climate. Once the sun goes down, it usually gets really cold, and the floor becomes more slippery, which can be a little scary for... read more

  • 9.19.2016

    F+J BEHIND THE SCENES: Lucas Zarebinski

    BEHIND THE SCENES with LUCAS ZAREBINSKI:   "I approach each photo shoot with the same attitude that starts with careful planning. I know that unexpected challenges can occur on set, and while I love solving last minute challenges, I also believe that detailed preparation is key to a smooth, successful shoot. I always strive to do most of the work with the camera and rely on... read more

  • 9.14.2016

    “The Usual Suspects” Is Geof Kern’s Noir-ish Take On Outdoor Design

    GEOF KERN When trusted interior brand David Sutherland, Inc. moved out of its signature showrooms and into the realm of outdoor living, it needed an affiliate that would stand up to the elements – and a campaign that would quickly capture potential... read more

  • 9.4.2016

    Wynn Myers “Refines” Dorado Magazine’s Fall Fashion Feature

    F+J artist Wynn Myers has been on Dorado Magazine’s roster of photographers since their inaugural May 2015 issue. Now, her photographs are the focus of Dorado’s September 2016 fashion feature, “Refined Palette,” where Southwestern-inspired prints and dramatic black and white pieces are paired with the lush green backdrop of Texas’ Becker... read more

  • 8.22.2016


    Behind the Scenes to Jeff Luker's Sperry Odyssey Campaign: "This campaign was so fun to shoot, living on a boat for several weeks while shooting an advertising campaign was such an amazing adventure, and shooting alongside a broadcast team while at sea on a small sailboat was not without its challenges, but we had a great crew of people, so we had a blast. It was a great opportunity for me to shoot documentary style for a commercial project, which I love... read more

  • 8.7.2016

    Lucas Zarebinski Shoots Social For Bath & Body Works

    Bath & Body Works’ brand is formulated by bright color combinations, seasonality, and names and fragrances that promise to lift you out of the mall and into the garden of your imagination. Photographer-director Lucas Zarebinski and paper artist Daniel Sean Murphy teamed up to create over 50 graphic images and gifs for the company’s spring social media campaign.... read more

  • 7.18.2016


    "Underneath the night's blanketing presence we can be ourselves, indulge our love, and chase our passions. We toil through the day with a mask on, making ends meet, trying to be positive, and, often, suppressing our aggression and our creativity.  But the night is ours. “ Sean Mosher-Smith of Echo Designlab & ... read more

  • 6.13.2016

    Patrick Fraser & Naomi Greene

    Click HERE to see Naomi Greene perform "No Skin". #FJartist Patrick Fraser initially met Naomi through mutual friends. Then he went to one of her live concerts at a small venue in Los Angeles. On hearing her unique sound it struck him that a simple film of her playing this majestic instrument in a white space filmed in black and white would be powerful visually. Naomi has a captivating presence both on and off stage. She plays her harp with a lot of... read more

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